Trivial Prometheus exporter to fetch and plot remaining monthly quota for AAISP users.
Updated 2023-03-03 18:23:28 +00:00
Simple CLI tool to manipulate RSA keypairs, including X.509 certificates and certificate authority operation.
Updated 2023-03-01 21:30:33 +00:00
Efficient serving of pre-compressed static files.
Updated 2022-12-12 10:27:16 +00:00
A simple pre-commit hook for Go developers. Runs gofmt, go vet, and ensures no large files are being added.
Updated 2020-02-16 09:51:05 +00:00
Prompts user that data is awaited on stdin after a short period of time.
Updated 2020-02-10 21:09:13 +00:00
Sorts strings with natural order for version numbers.
Updated 2020-01-03 14:04:32 +00:00
Byte-oriented I/O interfaces and convenience methods
Updated 2020-01-03 13:47:40 +00:00
Tiny package implementing safe Unix file writing/overwriting technique.
Updated 2020-01-03 09:03:05 +00:00