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Laurence Withers 294a41b736 Flesh out README 2023-07-07 11:50:00 +01:00
Laurence Withers f6cd64cf3b Add -I include option, and some usage examples 2023-07-07 11:49:54 +01:00
Laurence Withers eacffb4fe1 Add -L symlink follow option, default false 2023-07-07 11:22:06 +01:00
Laurence Withers 5694cc5194 Move printedFull closer to its use, document 2023-07-07 11:21:41 +01:00
Laurence Withers 67f81d2728 Silence usage message on runtime error 2023-07-07 11:10:31 +01:00
Laurence Withers d2cf57dcd9 Use regexp for case-insensitive literal matches
This commit switches back to using the regexp engine for
case-insensitive literal string matches.

This is slower, but at least case-insensitive matches for string
literals will function now. The code is a tiny bit shorter and simpler

Given the aim of the tool is to be useful for ad-hoc searches,
efficiency isn't the concern but rather just getting the job done with
the minimum of fuss / unexpected behaviour.
2023-07-07 11:00:02 +01:00
Laurence Withers 2f3af7fc8e Improved binary / minified file detection heuristics 2023-05-13 13:17:54 +01:00
Laurence Withers 5790d3ab5f Make exclude match on suffices by default 2023-05-13 13:13:18 +01:00
Laurence Withers 0276b1bfca Add some possible TODO items 2023-05-13 12:47:52 +01:00
Laurence Withers 333b6dbc27 Improved printed of long lines 2023-05-13 12:45:29 +01:00
Laurence Withers b481db737e Glob matching for exclude 2023-05-13 12:45:12 +01:00
Laurence Withers 8b56504cd7 Binary and minified file detection/handling 2023-05-13 12:10:27 +01:00
Laurence Withers 4fd3ae4c7e Improvements to display code
Now switchable, detects terminal. Don't be weird with tabs. Known issues are
not being themeable and bold match output stopping if colours are used inside.
2023-05-13 10:58:06 +01:00
Laurence Withers b438aef169 Change a couple of flags, -i for case 2023-05-13 10:23:14 +01:00
Laurence Withers 2bbfc3bc30 Very early work in progress 2023-05-11 23:30:43 +01:00
lwithers 6a248b29cb Initial commit 2023-05-11 21:34:39 +01:00